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What is the Centre of Sense?

Our mind and body informed approach supports people in exploring their senses to feel more fulfilled, connected and balanced in all aspects of life. We offer somatic experiences that draw on the modalities of breath work, sound healing, intuitive touch, mindfulness and movement. For so long we have felt the benefits of attending to the mind, the Centre of Sense focuses on the integration of the body in the experience.

  • How we work

    The Centre of Sense offers individual and group experiences, with a focus on self inquiry, interactive exercises, mindful engagements, playful release and expression. Using breath, movement, sound and senses as a means of exploring wants, needs, boundaries and preconceived ideas, to find alignment in what you think, feel and do.

  • A client led approach

    Each experience is tailored and accessible to the individual allowing them to participate as much or as little as is useful. We understand that everyone will show up differently we respect how they want to engage.

  • Benefits

    Some of the benefits commonly reported include: mental clarity and increased self-awareness, stress and tension relief, sense of connection and groundedness, increased motivation and enthusiasm, energy and vitality, improved mood, empowered to change habits around thinking, feeling and working, opportunity & freedom to “be”.

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Modalities & Offerings

How we can work together

Rolfing® - Holistic Bodywork

Well-being, alignment and balance

Embodied Counselling

A journey of self inquiry

Sex & Intimacy Coaching

Changing the way we speak about sex

In Person and Online Sessions

Empowering the individual, with a focus on increasing body awareness, physical comfort and connection to self

Helping Companies and Organisations

Providing support for wider team development focusing on shared experiences

Workshops and Courses

Experience your body and mind connection with a safe, fun and dynamic approach

Who we are

Our offering is grounded in awareness of people's needs. Our goal is to support our clients and enable them to respond in more organic ways.

Georgia Grace

Certified Somatic Educator, Embodied Therapy Practitioner and Relationship Coach

Celeste Carrillo

Certified Rolfing Practitioner, Embodied Counselling Practitioner and Mindfulness Coach

Rediscover your senses. Reconnect to your body. Come back home.

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Welcoming the chance to practice in different places around the world, we offer in-person and online sessions to support people globally.